Monday, 1 June 2015

Ahsan Ali Taj as Music Director

Ahsan Ali Taj born in a historical music family in Karachi, Pakistan.  Son of the great Classical, Classical, Folk and Ghazal Singer Taj Multani and Ghazal and Film/TV Playback Singer Nighat Seema, since childhood he had all the instinct to be a great singer and Music composer. As a Pakistani Music Director, singer, songwriter, Music Producer, his contribution to music along with his melodious life has created a bridge to his musical career for over 2 decades. This third child of the Taj Family brought an astounding music style to the Music Industry of Pakistan.

He always believed in his imagination and uphill struggle with a passion of making film songs and its background music taking into consideration a foremost aspiration. Ahsan Ali Taj has a robust expertise of constructing melodies, title themes, musical moods, promos, teasers, and music IDs in addition to a great ability of dubbing voice overs, sound effects, foley, mix, master and background music. He has also earned a noteworthy comprehension working with well-known musicians, singers, music directors and TV drama directors on the top.

The list goes a long way:
Sir Niaz Ahmed Khan (Music Director)
Nizaar Lalani (Music Director / Producer).
Baber Javed (Director)
Yasir Nawaz (Director).
Sarmad Khoosat (Director).
Anjum Shehzad (Director).
Ayub Khawar (Director/ Lyricist/ Writer).
Vishaal Bharatwaj (Film / Music Director).
Marina Khan (Actor / Director).
Javed Fazil(Film / Drama Director).
Sir. Salamat Ali Khan (Classical Singer / Prof. at NAPA University).
Sahira Kazmi (Actor / Director).
Khusboo (Indian Vocalist).
Yasir Nawaz (Director).
Sarmad Khoosat (Director).
Anjum Shehzad (Director).         
Baber Javed (Director).
Dilawer (Director).
Ahmed Chanda  (Director).
Nadeem Asad (Executive Producer).
Arshi (Irshad Ali) (Director).
Marina Khan (Director)
NadeemBaig. (Director)
Atif (Director)
Ayub Khawar. (Executive Director)
Mohsin Tallat (Director).
Abdullah Badini (Director)
Farooq Menghal (Director)
Ahsan Talish (Director)
Sina Pasha. (Director)
Qazim Pasha (Director)
Rana Rizwan (Director).
Obaid Khan. (Digital Director)
Farooq Pario (Director)

The world of Pakistan Music Industry is still awaiting for more to come from such creative Music Directors. Because Music Critics and senior Music Experts believe their is a lot more to discover from the streets of our country. So lets wait and see what Ahsan Ali Taj is going to innovate for the music listeners in Pakistan and all over the world.

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